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Children's Ministries


Nursery care is provided year round.


At United Church of Wayland, children attend the first part of the service with their parent and then go to the Worship Center with the Youth Ministries Director. (They may also opt to stay with their parents for the remainder of the service.)


While in the Worship Center, children are gently cradled not only in the language of our faith but also in the language of peace and goodwill that is shared by many other faiths.


Your child will be treated with respect and will be welcomed as a unique and special person on her or his own path of spiritual discovery.

Adult Ministries


Women's Fellowship

This group meets monthly for fellowship, religious study, and to support the church's mission projects.



Connections keeps us in touch with each other through various projects like sending cookies to our college students and care packages to our young people in the military.


Adult Sunday School

Classes are scheduled regularly through the year. Check the Parish Post for more information.


Bible Study

This group meets on Monday mornings at 9:30 am in the Conference Room.

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