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Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)

Congregational Church
(United Church of Christ)

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How the Two Churches Joined in Faith​


The United Church of Wayland was born on June 14, 1970, the result of a merger of two old and established congregations, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the Congregational Church (United Church of Christ).  The two congregations met in a series of discussions, led by Pastors Scott Pricer of Christian Church and James Smith of UCC, which culminated in a nearly unanimous vote by both congregations to merge the two churches.


The first service of worship for the united congregation was held Sunday, June 28th, 1970.  As with any marriage of distinct individuals, there was a period of adjustment and compromise as the two congregations turned their efforts toward working out a unified style of worship and mission, embracing important elements from both traditions.



United Church of Wayland

The hope for a new building had accompanied the process of union and a fund was established for that purpose. By 1974 the thriving congregation was ready to build and the first worship service in the new building was held on February 2nd, 1975.


The ecumenical flavor of the United Church of Wayland continues to be nourished and sustained through dual affiliations with both the United Church of Christ and the Disciples of Christ.   We welcome new members from all denominational backgrounds.  As a result of our dual heritage, Baptism is practiced both by sprinkling and immersion, at infancy or adulthood as families and individuals request.  Holy Communion is served every Sunday.  All are welcome to come to the Table, members and non-members, adults and children.

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